We will be hosting a Candidates Debate in advance of the October 22nd Municipal Election. The following candidates have confirmed they will be attending: Valerie Grdisa, Mercy Okalowe, Gord Perks, Evan Tummillo and Jose Vera.

The debate will take place on Wednesday, October 10 at 7:30 PM at Runnymede United Church.

We have found from experience that the evening goes much more efficiently if the community has an opportunity beforehand to submit questions for the candidates. We will only be accepting questions for the candidates, in writing (question sheet attached), and they can be submitted to us either in advance electronically at info@bwvra.ca or in person on the evening of the Debate.

Your question can be for all the candidates or it can be directed to a particular candidate. We can’t guarantee that your exact question will be used, as it might be similar to other questions that have been asked or we simply might not have enough time to ask all of the questions.

Looking forward to seeing you on October 10th!