There is an upcoming opportunity to submit comments and questions regarding the Mid Rise Guidelines Performance Standards directly to City Planning Staff. These Mid Rise Guidelines were originally put into place back in 2010 to help guide planners and developers when dealing with new development proposals. A 5 year review of these Guidelines is currently underway.

Date:  Friday, April 24th
Time:  1pm to 4pm
Location:  City Hall, Second Floor, Meeting Room B (access through Reception A)

It is an Open House, so you can come at any time between 1pm and 4pm.  The feedback received will help guide the evaluation of the Mid Rise Performance Standards.

In addition, or alternatively, you can participate by filling out a survey on the topic: click here for the survey.

As you fill out this survey, keep in mind that it is the City’s Mid Rise Guidelines that currently inform new development in Bloor West Village. Many residents who filled out our BWVRA survey said they love shopping and walking along Bloor St. W.

What about this shopping strip makes it so appealing to so many? There are many design elements (some serendipitous good fortune and others credited to good planning) that make our local “high street” so appealing – so please keep these in mind as you fill out the Mid Rise Guidelines survey – especially the question about “Visual Preference Survey”!

For instance:
There is an eclectic blend of small-scale independent and corporate stores that keep things interesting as we walk along; every few steps, we notice a new shop or business because the storefronts are quite narrow.

Wide sidewalks allow for patios, benches, and for merchandise to be displayed outside; all of which create spaces to stop to chat with friends, neighbours and shopkeepers and add to the vibrant sense of community in Bloor West Village.

People are attracted by “organized complexity” – a mix of order and variety. In Bloor West Village, there is variety in the colour and treatment of storefronts but the general width and height are similar, which creates order. Here’s a great video called How to Make an Attractive City.

The fact that Bloor Street runs east-west gives us the advantage of sun exposure, especially on the north side, and protection from the cold North winds. Design to date has ensured that sun continues to shine along this shopping strip.

Local streets are offset where they intersect Bloor St, which creates interesting views of the retail main street as you walk towards Bloor St.