Call to action for the OMB appeal!

Neighbours and Friends
Apply for Participant Status

at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) for

the Development at 2265-79 Bloor St. W. (Bloor & Durie Ave.)

Re: OMB File Nos.

PL140435 and PL140768 2265-79 Bloor W, City of Toronto
The Ontario Municipal Board Hearing begins Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 10:00am. The hearing takes place at the OMB Offices, 655 Bay Street, Suite 1500, Toronto,ON M5G 1E5 (South of Gerrard, corner of Elm & Bay)

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What is Participant Status?
We want you to write to OMB Case Coordinator, Sandra Chan at the OMB asking for Participant Status so that you can voice your concerns surrounding the development. We need the Village to apply in their hundreds to attend the OMB hearing on Jan.6, 2015 at 10am.

Responsibilities and duties of a participant at the OMB hearing.

When you register as a participant, you will be:
  • required to attend the first day of the hearing & will be struck off the list if you fail to appear.
You may have to testify. Your testimony can be as simple as a read statement of an opinion. You will be:
  • given a prep session by our lawyer to ensure that your testimony does not overlap or repeat other testimony.
  • prepared so that you can confidently be cross examined by the lawyers for the developer, the CIty and/or our own lawyer.
  • given a time and/or day on which the Chair will hear you testify.
Keep in mind only a handful of all the participants will be asked to testify at the hearing.


Please contact OMB Case Coordinator, Sandra Chan to request Participant Status at the hearing. Click here to view the newsletter that contains a template of a “Request for Participant Status email”

Feel free to personalize the letter including your specific concerns about the development. At the end of the letter you need to add your information and address.

If you have trouble linking to the letter to Sandra Chan, please contact