Residents should know that over the past year, City transportation staff have continued to study the area, meet with area stakeholders and review comments received from residents. This intersection doesn’t exactly have a stellar reputation for safety and navigation – especially for pedestrians and cyclists.

Based on this work, City staff are putting together proposed design changes to the intersection which will be presented to the community in Spring 2020. Our local Councilors office will be in touch when the meeting date and location are confirmed.

City staff has determined that extending the left-hand turn lanes between Jane Street and South Kingsway, will relieve some of the dangerous vehicular behaviour that is currently taking place. It’s our understanding that this work will be taking place in Spring 2020.

Source: Google Maps

A landscaped public space at the Armadale entrance to the Jane subway station is expected to be completed this fall.

As indicated, work will be concentrated in the TTC green space and City right-of-way on the south side of the station and will include a new public space with streetscaping to enhance sidewalk appeal as well as secure TTC-only access to its property beyond the redesigned public area. An asphalt public walkway will also be constructed along the rear of the Bloor Street West properties to Armadale Avenue. 

Other work on the interior of the station and the bus roadway is scheduled for completion this fall, too.

We had a capacity crowd last night – nearly 150 people – at our Federal election leadership debate. It was a very engaging 90 minutes. Thanks to all candidates who took the time, those whom attended and to the Runnymede United Church for the use of their space. Don’t forget to vote on Monday, October 21.

As we get back to routine after a lovely summer, we wanted to update everyone on the status of the Plazacorp condominium development at the Humber Theatre.

A settlement Hearing at LPAT (Local Planning Appeals Tribunal)  took place April 23, 2019, at which all the Parties to the proceedings agreed to a building that will be similar in height and massing to #1 Old Mill, the existing condo immediately to the West. However, the settlement is conditional upon the developer satisfying the City’s Transportation Services staff that the proposed development will have no unacceptable traffic impacts on the immediate neighbourhood. To this end, the Developer’s updated Traffic Study is currently being reviewed in conjunction with the separate Vision Zero study being conducted by the City at the Bloor Street /South Kingsway / Riverview Gardens intersection. 

As many of us are aware, this is a particularly problematic and unsafe intersection which has an exceptionally high rate of collisions, some of which have involved pedestrians. We have been informed that a number of alternative improvements to vehicular and pedestrian safety are being considered including an option to re-open Riverview Gardens northbound from the South Kingsway.  There will be a follow-up public consultation to the first one held on July 30, 2018, and further updates will be posted as new information becomes available. 

Falls is a great time to plant trees. And the best trees are ones that are native to our neighbourhood. Even better, trees and shrubs could very well be a subsidized purchase. The timing and price couldn’t be better in the coming months, so check out this link for more information.

It looks fairly contemporary, but the Humber Theatre was built back in 1948. Then, it was known as the Humber Odeon Theatre. On May 30, it closed forever.

According to Wikipedia, it was designed by architect Jay Isadore, originally seating 1,200 patrons in one large auditorium, which was split into upper and lower auditoriums in the 1970s. It was closed in 2003, abandoned, and re-opened by new owners in 2011, after a $350,000 renovation. According to Doug Taylor, author of Toronto’s Local Theatres of Yesteryear, operator Rui Pereira preserved the upper auditorium, but split the lower auditorium into four smaller auditoria.

We’d love to hear your stories and memories of the Humber.

On April 23, the originally scheduled Contested Hearing at LPAT (formerly OMB) on this development was converted to a Settlement Conference because the remaining two objecting Party’s had withdrawn. However, the Settlement is conditional on the City’s Transportation Services staff being satisfied the the proposed development will not generate any unacceptable traffic impacts on the immediate neighbourhood.

The key concern here is that the developer is thus far unwilling to have any restrictions placed on the size of stores that could occupy the very large 50,000 sq. ft. of commercial space that will be available.  In fact, in its updated traffic study, Plazacorp has indicated that the lower level could be occupied by a mid-size supermarket which would likely generate a great deal more traffic every day than a typical mix of smaller stores.  There has been no further word from City Hall on this issue since April 23, but check here for further updates.

Meanwhile, the BWVRA is pleased to report that as a result of separate consultations with City and the developer’s Landscape Architect, an attractive landscape feature / public space has been designed for the corner of Bloor Street and Riverview Gardens.  This was the only other outstanding item that the BWVRA wanted addressed before this development proceeds, and our thanks are due to former Councillor Doucette and current Councillor Perks for their help in facilitating the very positive outcome. 

The City of Toronto is inviting the Toronto business community and residents to share their views on the issues and challenges facing independent street-level businesses in Toronto. 
The survey will give the City a deeper understanding of the current economic, policy and regulatory environment in which these businesses operate, the key issues they face and the types of supports that will be most helpful to them. 
The two surveys (one for businesses/retail main street owners and one for residents/customers) are available until May 20th at the links below: 
The results of the study will be presented to the Economic and Community Development Committee in early 2020. More information about the City’s retail main streets study is available at:

A belated Happy New Year to our residents and members. It was a busy 2018 and hundreds of you each month, have visited our website and shown your support. We thank you.

As 2019 gets underway, we’ll be thinking ahead to ongoing governance and our Annual General Meeting in May. We are looking to fill three vacancies on our board so if you are interested, we’d love to hear from you. The BWVRA represents all residents who live within the boundaries of Bloor Street to the south, the Humber River to the west, Humberview Road and Annette Street to the north and Quebec Avenue to the east.

We are a non-profit corporation created to engage residents, businesses and other interested community members on issues specific to Bloor West Village and also on special concerns affecting neighbouring areas and/or all of Toronto. We provide a liaison with, and seek support from, all levels of government, municipal, provincial & federal, on issues that concern our community. We participate, through the most effective means possible, in new development planning. We are strong promoters of both a safe & healthy neighbourhood environment and the quality of life that reflects the unique character of our local community.

Becoming involved with our Association will offer you a broad perspective on civic and local issues and provides a wonderful way for you to give back to your community! This opportunity will particularly appeal to those who would like to both represent the community they live in and, ideally, have some prior experience in communications, membership or accounting.

To submit your expression of interest, or to request any additional information, please contact: Jamie Isbister, Chair BWVRA at

Secondly, we’ll be also thinking of our membership, with the goal to grow our base of Bloor West residents. There’s value in being connected to your neighbourhood through an association like ours and if you agree, click here to learn how to sign up.

Thirdly, we continue to have our eye on the Humber Theatre development. In our last update, the community was informed that the City and BWVRA and SARA (Swansea Area Ratepayer’s Association) had no further objections to developer’s most recent proposal. However the two remaining Parties, Arbour Memorial and Dennis Maslo (adjacent owner on Humbercrest Trail) continue to have unresolved objections to the proposal. Their issues relate largely to private property rights and are not of concern to BWVRA. As the only path forward to a conclusion, a Contested Hearing has been scheduled for April 23 to 26, 2019.

As previously noted, that hearing will deal specifically with the objections of the two remaining Parties. However, There was considerable uncertainty and debate about whether or not those matters are even admissible for adjudication at a hearing and there has been no update as to whether or not a Contested Hearing will take place as scheduled. Participants from the community will still have an opportunity to express their personal opinions. Participants are once again reminded that regardless of what the situation is by April 23, those who initially registered to speak at the time of the very first Pre-hearing Conference in September 2017 may also attend and present their personal views on the proposal. Other members of the public may also register to speak by contacting the LPAT Case Coordinator. However, in order to speak at the hearing, ALL Participants are required to submit their written Participant Statements by February 1, 2019 to:

Tamara Zwarycz,
Case Coordinator LPAT Case PL170556
416 326-6790

In the mean time, our new Councillor Gord Perks has been be briefed on our remaining concerns related to traffic and the re-design of the corner at Bloor Street and Riverview Gardens. We will then be relying on our Councillor’s office to keep our community informed on how City staff and the developer are resolving the numerous anticipated traffic impacts of the proposed development. In addition, we will be expecting Staff to follow through on Council’s direction to consult with the community on an appropriate re-design of the afore-mentioned street corner.