If the likely answer is “yes”, then you may want to attend an upcoming meeting. You’ll have an opportunity to share traffic-related comments about South Kingsway and Bloor St, with the City Transportation Division, Toronto Police’s 11 Division and our Councillor, Sarah Doucette. City Transportation Staff will also provide suggestions about safety improvements at the intersection. Here are the details:

Date: Monday, July 30, 2018

Time: 6:30 pm – 8 pm

Location: Swansea Town Hall, 95 Lavinia Ave

For more information, please call 416-392-4072 or email councillor_doucette@toronto.ca

As Canada’s busiest airport, Toronto Pearson understands its operations and the growing demand for air travel have an impact on surrounding communities, which is why they’ve been working toward reducing noise impacts for neighbourhoods like Bloor West Village. One recent example is the three-year collaboration with NAV CANADA of The Six Ideas: A Quieter Operations Roadmap. In Spring 2018, the GTAA and NAV Canada consulted communities across the region on the six noise mitigation ideas. A final report outlining the results from the Six Ideas public consultations will be available later in Summer 2018.

One of the Six Ideas consulted on is a Summer Weekend Runway Alternation Program. Many international airports use this kind of program to provide residents with relief from aircraft noise by rotating runway usage during periods when fewer aircraft are arriving and departing. These rotations are scheduled in advance so that residents know when to expect relief from aircraft noise. Toronto Pearson’s summer weekend runway alternation program is Idea 5 of the Six Ideas. Based on community feedback received from the Six Ideas consultation, 68% of the airport’s neighbours impacted by east/west operations expressed interest testing a summer weekend runway alternation program to better understand the respite it may offer. So, Toronto Pearson is moving forward with a test of a Summer Weekend Runway Alternation Program, for eight weekends beginning on July 28, 2018.

Test Details

  • Dates: Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) from July 28 to September 16, 2018
  • Time: 6:30 a.m. to midnight
  • Scope: East/west runways only

The Summer Weekend Runway Alternation test should provide residents who live along (or in the case of Bloor West Village, just south of) final approach and initial departure paths of the east/west runways with periods of predictable respite from aircraft traffic overhead. The north/south runways are not included in the program but, like always, will be used if the weather conditions or safety dictates a change in operations.

To learn more, visit www.torontopearson.com/conversations/.  You can also contact the Noise Management Office with questions at 416-247-7682 or community.engagement@gtaa.com.

With warm, summer weather clearly here, the City of Toronto is reminding Bloor West Village residents that they can track their water use online with MyWaterToronto, the City’s online water use tool. You can use the tool to track your water use by day, week, month or year. The tool can also be used to identify prolonged and unexplained water use increases, which could mean you have a leak. Or maybe left a tap on… You will need your utility bill to sign on to the tool.

Visit toronto.ca/mywatertoronto.

Since the first Pre-hearing Conference at the OMB last September, two revised “without prejudice” proposals have been presented to the Parties by the developer. The BWVRA Board of Directors was particularly encouraged by the latest version provided in March, in which there were very significant reductions in the building height and massing. As is the case with all “without prejudice” proposals in a negotiation, the substance of these proposals remains confidential between the Parties. However, the developer, apparently assuming that it is close to arriving at a scheme that the various Parties (including the BWVRA) will find acceptable, has recently submitted an application for Site Plan Approval to the City. As a quick reference, the two architect’s perspectives below have been extracted from this submission:

Why is this significant? The Site Plan application drawings, which very closely resemble the most recent “without prejudice” proposal, are now on the public record, and by reviewing these drawings you should have a good understanding of how the negotiations have progressed to this point.

From the perspective of the BWVRA Board, the most important improvements in the current proposal, as compared to the initial submission to City Planning that also remains under appeal at the OMB, are:

  • The average overall height of the building has been reduced from approximately 47 m. to 35 m., or the equivalent of 4 residential floors (this is just marginally higher than the 32 m. height approved back in 2008 for the original Humber Theatre proposal)
  • The gross floor area has been reduced from 31, 645 sq. m. to 28, 596 sq. m.
  • There are approximately 44 fewer condo units.
  • There are 87 fewer underground parking spaces.

While these revisions represent the very substantial progress that has been made toward a potential settlement, the following issues remain to be resolved:

  • Minimizing potential traffic impacts on the neighbourhood
  • Neighbourhood concerns about pedestrian safety and excessive wind impacts at the corner of Riverview Gardens

In the mean time, your feedback continues to be very important, and we welcome any thoughts you may have on the current proposal as reflected on the Site Plan drawings.

City Planning has posted DTAH’s Final Report on the Bloor West Village Avenue Study on the City’s Web page. Please see the link below. City Planning Report which provides an overview of DTAH’s report and next steps is anticipated to go to the June 6, 2018 Etobicoke York Community Council meeting.


The Junction Farmers Market is an independent non-profit local farmers’ market in the heart of the nearby Junction. The market provides local, sustainably produced fresh foods in ways that build community, support local food growers and producers, and promote access to healthy food for all. Open 9 – 1 Saturday mornings from May 26th to Nov. 3rd, 2018. Come eat with us in The Junction! You can follow the market on Facebook (@junctionfarmersmarket), Twitter and Instagram (@junctionmarket).

A local resident gave us a heads up that the Coffee Tree Roastery is celebrating its 30th birthday on Bloor Street West next month.  We agree that it has added much to the ambiance and special character of the village over those years thanks to its owner Susan, who’s worked hard to support the village and given it a special place in the hearts and minds of not only residents, but also  many well-known personalities of Toronto (see below.)  Make sure to drop by and say hello on May 12.

Neighbourhood Character Guidelines for Bloor West Village

First of all, a big thank you (again), to everyone who responded to our survey last October.  The exceptionally high response rate of nearly 50 % of the households that were contacted, indicates how much we care about the look and feel of our neighbourhoods.   As importantly, the feedback received helped to inform the recommendations of the concurrent study which is now complete and posted here for your information.

For those who are not familiar with this initiative, the Bloor West Village Neighbourhood Character Guidelines project was carried out as the first step to assist the City in implementing guidelines that  will help ensure that future large home renovations and re-builds respect and reinforce the existing  character of our neighbourhoods. The study area which coincided with the BWVRA catchment area, was bordered by Bloor Street to the south, Quebec Avenue to the east, Annette Street and Humberview Road to the north, and the Humber River to the west.

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