High Park Community Advisory Council – K-9 Committee Survey

The BWVRA Exec discussed this request — there’s no way we could know what you, the members, would like to say, so we invite you to respond for yourself:

To:Bloor West Village RA

High Park is one of the largest parks in Toronto, spanning roughly 398 acres and drawing well over 1 million visitors a year. Animals have been an integral part of the park since its conception. The current High Park off-leash area and trails were established as a pilot project in 1997, following years of unofficial off-leash use in the parks western side. The current off-leash area is roughly 8.5 acres and consists of the large open hill (Dog Hill) across the road, east of the Grenadier Café and a series of trails that includes a portion of Spring Road.

The High Park Community Advisory Council is currently conducting a review of the off-leash area to help enhance and integrate the off-leash area with the rest of High Park. The review committee will be gathering input in the form of (1) questionnaires to acquire input from individual dog-owners, general park users and members of the community at large and; (2) group impact statements from the various community groups, HPCAC stakeholders and local businesses that form an integral part of the broader High Park community.

Please take a few minutes to consult your membership and complete this impact statement. Answers to these questions will help the off-leash area review committee provide direction and recommendations to the HPCAC to help enhance and integrate the off-leash area with the rest of High Park. In addition to this impact statement, volunteers from the HPCAC will soon be spreading throughout High Park and the surrounding community with individual questionnaires. These questionnaires should also shortly be available online at www.highpark.org for your individual members to fill out. The results of the review will be presented at a public meeting of the Advisory Council.

Please remember your answers will carry a greater impact if your group is regularly represented at the HPCAC. More information about the High Park Community Advisory Council and our upcoming meetings can be found at www.highpark.org.

Please email your answers to k9@highpark.org before June 13th, 2007

Questions for Impact Statement
1) What is the nature and/or brief description of your group?
2) What is the impact of the off-leash area and dogs in the park on your group?
3) Do you have any suggestions for the off-leash area and dogs in the park?
4) A draft version of the report will be made available prior to public release for further comment, would your group be interested in reviewing the draft report?
5) Additional comments and suggestions?

The HPCAC Off-leash area review committee: John Cleary, Tyler Devine & Karyn Morris