Our Western Waterfront: Plan for the future

In reponse to public concern about new development along the Western waterfront, the City is commissioning a “Master Plan”, whose aim is to guide the type, size and nature of future changes to the Western beaches ( CNE to the Lakeshore condos).

The mission is to improve access for all users.

But, if paving of greenspace (as proposed for the Palais Royale) is to be avoided; if large commercial and residential construction on the water’s edge is to be limited; if the enhancement of the water quality and the enjoyment of users is to be promoted, then residents have to state them as priorities.

On Thursday, June 7th, the City will hold the first public meeting at which it will solicit the opinions of residents and lay out how it will draw up the “Master Plan”.

The BWVRA plans to make a submission and we’re looking for your input. As one member put it, these plans are as important for saying what you don’t want as they are for saying what you do.

Please leave us your comments. See if the points below help stimulate your ideas:

-Re-allign Lakeshore Blvd to incorporate the medians into the beach front.
-Create new pedestrian accesses over Lakeshore & Gardiner
-Create new transit links & express busses to connect the subway with the water to eliminate the need to drive to special events.
-Create cycling lanes North – South to ease access.
-Restrict height, density, and size of commerical development.

If you want to attend the meeting, it is Thursday, June 7th, 7-9pm, Lithuanian Center, 1573 Bloor Street – near the Dundas West TTC station.

Councillors Saundercook and Perks will be among those there.