Crossing Guards needed

From the Toronto Police Service:

Thursday, April 26, 2007 – 9:35 AM
13 Division

The Toronto Police Service is looking for adults to work as school crossing guards to help young children cross the street safely.

There is a shortage of school crossing guards in 11, 12 and 13 Divisions.

These vacancies include permanent positions at intersections as well as vacancies for spare or substitute school crossing guards.

S/Sgt Scott Gilbert, from 13 Division, said, “The traffic on Toronto’s roadways affects everyone in the city. The safety of our drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians is extremely important and school crossing guards have a vital role to play.”

The following locations are in particular need of school crossing guards:

11 Division

  • South Kingsway and Morningside Avenue,
  • Keele Street and Glenlake Avenue,
  • Sunnyside Avenue and Garden Avenue.

Crossing guards work three times each school day: in the morning, over the lunch hour and after school, helping young children cross the street safely.

The current pay is $10.36 per hour with a 12% Travelling Allowance and 4% Vacation Pay. Guards work an average of three hours per day.

Applications may be obtained at any Toronto police station or call Luisa Brown at 416-808-1235 for more information.

1 thought on “Crossing Guards needed

  1. Am I reading this correctly? 10 dollars per hour, yet I have to be there 3 times in one day, obviously I have to be there for a minimum of 6-7 hours a day,I can’t leave three times and return,so why not pay people for the TIME that they put in!!! The time endured, instead of paying us for only three hours of our time,how insulting! Think about it. Is it really only worth three hours of pay for the time and safety of children during this short life that we all live? 30 dollars a day??? Really?? I would be ashamed of myself……

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