Keele Community Centre pool threatened with closure

The West Bend Community Association writes:

Dear fellow residents’ associations,

Budget pressure for the City of Toronto threatened the closure of as many as 14 city swimming pools. Currently, eight have been given a reprieve but six others are still going to be closed. The swimming pool at Keele Public School and Community Centre is one of them. At the West Bend Community Association meeting on April 18, Cheri DiNovo, our MPP, said that she would pursue this matter with the provincial government. Even though the closure is a city budget decision, the province’s decision not to pay its share of provincially mandated services is a deciding factor in these cuts. The City started debating the municipal budget today. Please pass on the following information to your members. We will keep you posted on upcoming events.

Thank you.

We’ll pass on any further information that emerges.

5 thoughts on “Keele Community Centre pool threatened with closure

  1. Community Meeting to Save the Pool
    Wed May 30 at 6:30
    Keele St Public School Library
    99 Mountview Ave

    Guests: Trustee Irene Atkinson, MPP Cheri DiNovo, MP Peggy Nash, Councillor Bill Saundercook, Councillor Gord Perks

  2. Dear Bloor West Village Residents Association,

    We hope sending you this note is acceptable. Peter from the Swansea
    Community Centre pool tells us that the Keele Pool community have taken up
    the cause of trying to keep your public pool open. We would like to offer
    your community our support. We believe closing pools is short sighted. With
    an aging population and studies coming out daily proclaiming the health
    benefits of exercise its hard to imagine how closing pools could be a cost
    saving measure. Anyone can see that the public pool is the place were we
    learn drown proofing and life saving skills, become championship swimmers
    and divers, stay healthy, keep obesity at bay, or recover from stroke, knee
    or hip replacement. Since our provincial, municipal and school board dollars
    come from the same citizens that paid for and use public pools we all need to be questioning all our elected members wisdom in this matter. Please send us
    further notices.

    Here’s for a smart trim about face on the part of any public pool closures.

    Good Luck! John Abrams and Carla Garnet
    84 Emerson Avenue, Toronto/Canada M6H 3S9

  3. Our pools are needed for exercise of older adults and for swimming lessons for the kids. People with physical disabilities benefit from this type of exercise.
    Our MP’s should look at the big picture. They should be encouraging all individuals to exercise. This measure will save the taxpayers in the long run health care costs.
    Our property taxes are high enough to ensure that this pool closure should not happen.

  4. The closure would effect the entire city. I do not live in the area, but work in the community and swim at the Keele Pool. Closing pools after the outcry to teach our kids to swim, coupled with the MPP pay raise is completely unaccepatble from our provincial government.

  5. I have been a resident in this community for 36 years. I attended kindergarten and elementary school here at Keele from 1975-1982 as did many other friends of mine in the community. We still cherish this pool and appreciate what it can bring to many future generations. What a waste of space if it is removed or sits empty….It is such a shame and a waste of people’s time that we even have to debate this topic.

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