Pick-Pockets in Bloor West Village

An update from 11 Division:

Pick-Pockets in Bloor West Village

On Monday the 2nd of April 2007 11 Division received a report of a pair of pick-pocket thieves working in Bloor West Village.

This community alert is being issued as a timely reminder to subscribers to be ever vigilant when out in public. Whether you are out shopping, dining or just out for a walk always be aware of the location of your purse or wallet. Please also be aware of your surroundings and of strangers who enter your personal space.

When these thefts occur the victim is frequently either bumped or distracted in some other way. Their purse is then stolen or their wallet is removed “pickpocket” style from their purse or shopping bag. The victim is often not immediately aware of the theft.

Another method used by criminals in this type of theft is for the would be thief to follow a shopper in a grocery stores. The thief waits until the intended victim is distracted while shopping and then removes their unattended purse from the shopping cart.

Please remember never to leave your purse, wallet or other valuables unattended. Do not place your purse over the back of your chair. Do not carry large sums of money with you. Do not carry credit cards with you that you do not intend to use at that time. Do not carry important pieces of identification with you if you do not need to. Do not keep your personal identification number (PIN) in the same purse or wallet with your debit card.

Please be aware of your surroundings and those people around you at all times. Immediately report any suspicious events to the police, store staff or security. If your wallet or purse is stolen immediately cancel all credit and debit cards and report the theft to the police. If your house keys are also in the stolen purse the locks at your home should be changed.

Please share the contents of this alert with family members, friends and patrons of your businesses to help them reduce their chances of becoming victims of crime.

If you have any other her personal security questions please contact the 11 Division Crime Prevention Office at 416-808-1108.

On 02 April 2007 the complainant reports she was at a coffee shop with friends. She paid for her purchase, returned her wallet to her purse but left her purse open. She then placed her purse over the back of her chair.

Store video reveals that a female suspect entered the store and went to the back of the coffee shop and stood directly behind the complainant and pretended to look at products on a display shelf. A male suspect entered the s tore and went into the washroom at the rear of the store across from the shelving unit and the female suspect. Several minutes later the male suspect joined the female suspect at the display shelf where they began to look at products together. The female suspect then moved directly beside the purse and obstructed the complainant’s view of the purse. The male suspect had his suit jacket draped over his left shoulder. The male suspect bends down and pretends to look at items on the bottom shelf. He then placed his jacket over the purse and removed the wallet from the purse. Both suspects then left the store.

Suspect descriptions – both are well dressed and appear to be professional “pick-pockets”

Suspect # 1 – female/white, 30 years old, 167cms. (5’6″), 82kgs.(180lbs.), heavy build, curly brown shoulder length hair, wearing black jacket, black pants and black knee high boots

Suspect # 2 – male/white (possibly European), 25-35 years old, 18 2cms. (6′), 77kgs. (169lbs.), thin build, black, wavy collar length hair, wearing a black suit, white shirt and wearing blue sun glasses on top of his head

If you have any information regarding this crime please contact 11 Division at 416-808-1100 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477) or www.222tips.com