BWVRA Founding Chair Resigns

Dear Members and Supporters:

Following considerable reflection on the matter I wish to share with you my decision to resign as Chair of the Bloor West Village Residents Association, effective immediately. Members of the executive were advised of my decision at our regular monthly meeting on Jan. 17.

I leave the position with some regret but with many more fond memories of working with a small group of local residents who sought nothing more than to contribute their skills to building a stronger Bloor West Village community. We began the task almost four years; since then, it has been my privilege to serve as Chair of the BWVRA since our formal founding in March, 2005.

At every step of the way I am grateful for the support and assistance I received from dozens of residents, as well as from members of your hard-working and dedicated executive. I can’t imagine a finer group of activists united in their objective of maintaining and enhancing Bloor West Village’s reputation as one of Toronto’s finest neighbourhoods.

I will not be leaving the Association entirely. I look forward to remaining on the executive as an officer-at-large until our annual general meeting in March and continuing with the executive following our elections at that time. In the meantime, acting Chair Steve McNally will continue in his current position.

Wishing you and your families the best throughout 2007.

Greg Hamara