Minutes – Meeting of the Executive Committee, January 2015

Bloor West Village Residents Association – Meeting of the Executive Committee

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Grenadier Retirement Residence – Penthouse Room B

7:30 pm to 9:30 pm


Attendance: Dianne Bradley, Michael Davidson, Steve Dewdney, Shirley Fairley, Dennis Horgan, Jamie Isbister, Branka Komparic, Krista Wylie, Jay Zimmerman


City Councillor Sarah Doucette, Rebecca Keenan


Regrets: Sandi Dunn, Greg Hamara, Robyn Kalda, Steve McNally, Mark Warrack


1.1       Developments Group Update – 30 min.

  • 2265-79 Bloor Development Work Group update – OMB Mediation finished Wednesday at end of day. Team feels positively about process but until City Council report is made public, details cannot be shared.
  • 2117 Bloor/Harcroft Working Group update – still without prejudice discussions with Developer; Developer is close to filing proposal with City.
  • 2114 Bloor/Kennedy Working Group Update – our working group is meeting with Developer week of Jan. 12; same developer as 1990 and relationship is good.
  • 1990 Bloor/Parkview Working Group Update – 2 local residents are stewarding this project so BWVRA is officially done with this project.

1.2       Policies Group Update – 10 min.

  • HCD Update – Rebecca followed up week of Dec. 29th but no response as yet; Dennis heard back from Michael Vidoni that recommendations go to the Planning and Growth Committee on Feb. 24, barring any unforeseen delay and then Toronto Preservation Board (date TBD) and then City Council on March 31. The report will be made public shortly before March 31, published on the web by the city clerk.
  • CORRA paper on Impact of Zoning Bylaw 1676-2013 and Zoning Bylaw 569-2013
  • Ward Boundary Changes – as per Sarah, 55-60,000 people is feasible for a City Councillor to manage; Branka attended community consult on this issue and found the following:
    • drawthelines.ca
    • To compete the Survey http://fluidsurveys.com/s/TWBRSurvey/
    • Significant population growth is projected for Ward 13; especially along the subway line however Ward 13 is designated as an “average population”
    • The representative from Lakeshore Planning Council Corp. http://www.lakeshoreplanningcouncil.com/ proposed that Toronto should adopt a system which works well in NY City. Lesser amount of Wards (adopt Provincial and Federal ridings) and introduce Community Boards which can much better represent communities
    • Federal/Provincial ridings seem to be more in tune with cultural factors/”Communities of Interest”
  • Sarah’s office is planning to have either Jennifer Keesmaat or Harold Mady to speak about DPS to Ward 13 and address other planning tools we could use in our Ward to guide development more responsibly in our Ward.
  • Sarah’s office is setting up consultation on Midrise Guidelines and will send invite for 2 people from each RA to attend.



We will not action the Zoning bylaw issue raised by CORRA at this time.


1.3       Councillor Doucette – deferred to next meeting

  • Green P Parking by Kennedy & Glendonwynne

1.4       Previous Minutes – Review December Minutes – 5 min. – Krista

1.5       Review of Actions Items – 5 min. – Krista

1.6       Financial & Membership – 5 min. – Dennis/Krista/Shirley

  • How to get donors engaged as members and on our email distribution?
  • How to ensure transparency of how money is being spent to donors – via SOV site? SARA? BWVRA? All?


  1. Shirley will send out an email to all donors to the SOV Campaign asking them to join BWVRA and join our subscriber list.
  2. Shirley will send out an email to all new members asking them to join the BWVRA email subscriber list.


  1. Dennis to post financial details of the SOV fundraising campaign on the SOV website.

1.7       Community Outreach Group Update – 5 min.

  • Andrea Martin Dinner – Jamie to do welcome, Krista to MC

1.8          Future Agenda Items

Focus/Objectives for 2015 – 30 min. – All

  • What should we be doing as an Association?
  • What do want to focus on in the coming year?

Community Outreach Group Update – 5 min.

  • BWVRA Brochure – (Shirley)
  • Laneways Project/Janes Walk 2015 (Dianne)
  • Interview with Radio Canada’s Carmel Kilkenny (Dianne)

Committee of Adjustments – as per Rebecca Keenan’s email of Jan. 8th

  • Do we want to get involved with C of A applications?
  • If yes – who will be point person on that?

Membership Survey

Discuss what an “ideal development proposal” might look like