UPDATE: The OMB Pre-Hearing on January 6, 2015

Thank you to everyone who attended the OMB Pre-Hearing on Tuesday January 6th. The turnout was fantastic. People were spilling out into the hall. Over 100 people showed up, making it clear to the OMB Chair and the proponent that our voices need to be heard about developments in our community. Sarah Doucette, Cheri DiNovo and Peggy Nash were all there lending their support and we even had a celebrity in our midst! Andrea Martin attended as a local resident passionate about responsible development. A little “star power” never hurts!

Although the majority of us were excused very early in the day, it was vitally important that this show of force was made and we really appreciate everyone who took the time out of their busy schedules to attend the Pre-Hearing. 110 participants registered at the meeting and they may have an opportunity to have their voices heard later in the process.

Mediation began on Tuesday January 6th and concluded on Wednesday January 7th. We are now awaiting a report from City Legal to be presented to City Council, hopefully in February. Confidentiality protocols prevent us from saying any more about the mediation until the report is made public, but we do feel positively about the process. As soon as we can share more, we will let you know.