Humber Odeon vote by Council delayed

The re-zoning application for the former Humber Odeon theatre did not make it to the agenda at the last meeting of Toronto City Council (April 25-27).Because of an excess of items, the vote has been put off until later in May, at a date to be announced.

Council had been faced with deciding whether to ratify the vote by Community Council, which turned down the application on April 4th. Strong arguments in favour of reversing that decision had been expected by those on Council who believe a compromise is necessary to avoid having the face the developer at the OMB, where it’s felt the City would be at a disadvantage.

In the meantime, Councillor Bill Saundercook has begun new discussions with the developer Paul Wynn on the design of the proposed building.

1 thought on “Humber Odeon vote by Council delayed

  1. I am happy to hear that this has been put off. However I am upset with Councillor Saundercook as he is, in my opinion, failing at representing his constituents. He should be opposing any residental building, as it is clearly not what anyone in the BWV wants. When the next election comes around he will definitly not have my vote (nor any of my family and friends), unless he can redeem himself by striking this entire proposition down.

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