Bloor West Villager story

Bloor West residents’ group loses bid for more changes to condo plans; issues going to OMB

Dianne Bradley, executive director of the Bloor West Village Residents Association (BWVRA) recognized the work that’s been done by the city planning department to reach a settlement agreement with the developer.

“And, we are pleased with two of their requirements that have been met: the support of the rental replacement for this property and the natural heritage impact study along with the peer review,” she said in a deputation to councillors. “As an organization, we are not anti-development. We know we are an area that will have more development coming our way. We are simply asking for responsible development, which enhances and compliments the character of the neighbourhood (i.e. standard set-back, mid-rise heights of six to eight storeys, a street pattern that respects and adapts to the topography of the area).”

The BWVRA’s chief concern with the proposal is its continued lack of adherence to the mid-rise guidelines, particularly, it’s above the eight storeys recommended by the mid-rise guidelines and it provides significant massing along the street level of Bloor Street West, which significantly alters the experience of the avenue along the street. There has been no attempt to respect the angular plane of the building to respect the mid-rise guidelines, Bradley said.

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