November 2013 update

Dear BWVRA and Save Our Village Supporters:

We lost an important vote on Tuesday (Nov 19/13) in our quest to reduce the impact of an over-sized condo building proposed for 1990 Bloor West at the Parkview Gardens TTC station.

The Etobicoke York Community Council (a committee of West end City Councillors) accepted a settlement reached between the City’s Planning staff and the developer, North Drive Investments. We and our Councillor Sarah Doucette had asked that the deal be rejected because none of our final concerns were addressed.

The Councillor, the Chair of the BWVRA, and the lawyer hired by the BWVRA and the Save Our Village coalition spoke to the need to avoid establishing a precedent that sets the stage for the creation of a condo canyon along the Bloor West Village retail avenue. We remain seriously concerned that this building will soon be copied by the same developer as he pushes ahead with an application made for 2114 Bloor (next to the Grenadier Retirement home).

Under pressure from our side, the developer has made some concessions. The considerable efforts of our team have meant improvements for the people who would have to live beside and behind this building. However, our concern for the whole of the Bloor West Village neighbourhood is also important.

This vote at Community Council still has to be ratified by the full City Council.
We are meeting with our urban planner, legal counsel, and Councillor Doucette to discuss our next moves. Because the developer has still not reached a settlement with the BWVRA, we are likely to go to the OMB, opposing both the developer and the City planner on the file. The hearing dates are set for February.

To make a compelling case, we’ll need even more financial support from the community – so please take a moment now to make a donation, even a modest one, to the SOV fund (link is below).

Your support so far has sustained our volunteers through a lot and allowed us to pull together a thoroughly professional team that has achieved real, if so far partial, solutions to concerns about this building.

We will be in touch as we prepare for the next stage.
Thank you very much!

Directors of the BWVRA and SOV Coalition

You can make your quick donation now on the main BWVRA page: Look for the Save Our Village donate button. A statement of disbursements is also there.