BWVRA Meeting – Monday Sept 30th 7:30pm

Your Executive team has been busy since we last met at the AGM in May, you may have seen us on Bloor St on the weekends and at local meetings. We wish to thank you for your generous donations and support for our Save Our Village campaign. To date we have raised over $26,000 towards the costs of hiring our team of professionals and preparing for the OMB hearing concerning 1990 Bloor St West, scheduled for early December.

You are encouraged to attend a Resident Meeting on Monday Sept 30th at 7:30pm at the Grenadier Retirement Home. We have invited our Planner, Peter Swinton and lawyer, Ian Flett to join us so we can share our perspective and position with you. Sarah Doucette will also be attending to share her views and to field questions on this and other matters of local interest . We want to hear from you as we are reaching a critical timeframe before the OMB hearing. Discussions are ongoing between BWVRA, the City Planning Department and the NDI, the developer.

This is your opportunity to provide feedback to us and your Councillor on this and future development in our area. You are entitled to a voice in shaping the direction of development in BWV. Come to listen, speak your mind, make a donation, sign up for a lawn sign or renew your Membership.

Your Resident Association is also interested in planning for future meetings and address other issues of interest to you and the community besides traffic , new development or community safety. Are you interested in local improvements and clean up, parks and playground development, local farmer’s markets or art sales, neighbourhood beautification, social and recreational activities etc.? You can tell us what is on your mind by sending an email to or chatting with us at the meeting.

Monday September 30th @7:30pm
Grenadier Retirement Centre
2100 Bloor St West (corner of Clendendan- opposite Starbucks)

We look forward to meeting with you.

Dianne Bradley
on behalf of BWVRA