Public Meeting re Keele Correctional Centre

Monday January 30 (tonight!)

There have been some concerns raised recently about the Keele Correctional Centre, a federal transitional living centre for federal parolees, located near Keele and Dundas. According to some media reports, the Centre may have changed cialis online policy from that of housing non-violent offenders to holding some convicted of violent crimes, and that the Centre may not have adequate security.

Four area City Councillors: Bill Saundercook, Sylvia Watson, Cesar Palacio and Frances Nunziata are co-hosting a public meeting to allow area residents to get more information about the Centre, and raise any of their own questions and concerns. Representatives from Correctional Services Canada will be on hand.

Keele Community & Recreation Centre
182 Glenlake Ave. (at Keele, just north of Bloor)
Mon. Jan. 30, 7:00pm

1 thought on “Public Meeting re Keele Correctional Centre

  1. Facilities like Keele Correctional Centre are essential for offenders to effectively re-integrate into society. These people have done thier time in high security facilities and have proven that they are ready to attempt to function properly in the world. They do not need people staring at them and making comments which only will worsen thier situation. They have rules which they must follow in order to stay in these places and will be sent back to an institution if not followed.

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