Humber Odeon: Hearing Expected in April

The developer of the old Humber Odeon theatre site, Paul Wynn, has submitted a final set of plans that City staff are analyzing. Their comments, and Wynn’s plans are expected to be presented to the Toronto West Community Council meeting in April. That is when the developer’s request for upgraded zoning will be considered.

This meeting is open to the public, and we will circulate the date once it is confirmed.

The latest plans were reviewed by members of the BWVRA Executive with Councillor Bill Saundercook on January 16, 2006. They show no changes to the key features of the building: its height; its blank sidewalls; its setback from the sidewalk on the upper floors.

Councillor Saundercook pledged to again contact the developer to urge him to reconsider the options that would result in some of these changes.

In the meantime, members of the BWVRA Executive have contacted the City staff reviewing the project to determine what changes might be requested at the Community Council hearing.

It is clear that the project cannot be rejected outright by the City, given that no significant negative impacts have been identified. These are needed in order for refusal to re-zone to be upheld by the Ontario Municipal Board.