BWVRA Update – June 2013

Dear BWVRA Members and Supporters:

Here’s a short update on what the Residents Association has been up to on your behalf.

The City’s Chief Planner Jennifer Keesmaat was keynote speaker at our AGM.
Over 200 people attended, confirming the concerns many have about the tall condos proposed for our area.

Her advice in response to our concerns about over-development and a flawed system for regulating it, was to continue to make our voices heard, and to engage with our politicians.

Keesmaat’s comments confirm the BWVRA’s decision fully engage as a registered party for the OMB hearing on the first of these towers – 1990 Bloor St. West. This is not only the first in line to be built, it is the one that will set a precedent for all of Bloor West Village. It is being opposed by the City.

It’s of the utmost importance that we raise sufficient funds to present a case to reduce it to the maximum 8 story limit. We urge you to visit our site at to see how this development will ripple through, and change, the Village for the worse.

We also urge you to contact us if you can lend your expertise in fundraising, or in environmental issues relating the the protection of High Park.

Hundreds of hours have been put in by the BWVRA, it’s members, and the SaveOurVillage coalition to prepare this case with an urban planner and a lawyer. We have raised over $14,000 (of the $40,000 needed) and we can continue on your behalf, with your financial support. Even $20 can help the cause. See how easy it is to donate to the fund, who controls it, what it is for:

The BWVRA’s other major undertaking is also connected to the preservation idea. In partnership with several neighbouring residents’ associations, and with the help of a planning intern, we have begun the long process of having Bloor West Village recognized as a Heritage Conservation District. While this can take some years, it would recognize and protect the key characteristics of the Village.

This has been the busiest and most ambitious year in the history of the BWVRA. We need you to help as never before, both in informing yourselves on the issues we are raising, and in reaching into your pockets to make sure we establish a precedent that ensures responsible development of the Village for many years to come.

We also need you to write to our Ward 13 Councillor Sarah Doucette. She is key to this process and we have to assure her that we want her to get the right building for Bloor West Village. Here is her contact information:

Sarah Doucette
City Councillor Ward 13
Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, Suite C46. Toronto ON.
Phone: 416 392 4072

Steve McNally on behalf of Executive of the BWVRA.