Liquor licence sought for new night club near Bloor West retirement home

It is the mandate of the Bloor West Village Residents Association to convey information about issues of potential interest to residents in the Village area.

It has come to our attention that an application for a liquor licence has been made for 2109 Bloor Street West (South Side), located just west of Ellis Park Rd. The applicants wish to establish a nightclub called Exposé with a capacity of 230 people.

The Table Officers of the Association would have liked to have had more time to consider the nature and merits of this application, but as we just recently completed our founding meeting, that was not possible under the circumstances.

However, we are sending this notice because we felt it was important to inform local residents, who might not be otherwise aware of this issue.

The Exposé disco would replace the present coffee bar/pool hall that, in recent months, has replaced a European import store.

Residents in the immediate area of the Exposé location have circulated a petition of opposition which they plan to present to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario at a hearing on Monday, April 11th. They feel strongly that this type of establishment, next to a small apartment complex and across from the Grenadier Retirement Home will be unfairly disruptive. They cite previous “special events” at this location as confirming their fears.

A representative of 11 Division of the Toronto Police will testify. As will Councillor Bill Saundercook who is strongly opposed.

If you have an opinion about the application, you are free to attend the hearing in person to express it. It appears that it is too late to be granted status as an objector unless you appear in person.

The hearing is:
Monday, April 11, 2005
Pre-hearing conference at 9:00 AM
Formal hearing 9:30 AM
Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
7th Floor – 20 Dundas Street West