Proposed development at 1990 Bloor West

BWVRA Members and Supporters,

Please read this update on a proposed development that the BWVRA has put at the top of its priority list.

It’s a 12 story condo proposed for 1990 Bloor West, near the High Park TTC stop (West entrance). A project, one of two by this developer, we see setting a precedent that endangers the character of Bloor West Village.

What’s new?

The OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) has set May 28th as a pre-hearing date. The developer, NDI, is applying to exceed the City’s zoning and mid-rise guideline maximum of about 8-storeys. It has launched a marketing campaign that describes it as a “boutique” condo. Though, at 12-storeys and 131 units, City Planning describes it as an “over intensification” of the site and a “negative precedent.”


NDI’s sign on the site shows only a small portion of the “boutique” condo, that would surpass the tallest building in the Bloor West Village area by four storeys.

Here is the NDI rendering that shows the true scale of the proposed building.



Why worry?

Precedents count for a lot. NDI has an almost identical building ready to go closer to the Village core at 2114 Bloor – next to the Grenadier Retirement Centre. The sales signs are up. NDI’s urban planners have identified a total of NINE sites that are ripe for re-development in the Village. An exceptionally tall precedent will make it impossible for the City to say no to the others.

Imagine towers on the No Frills lot, the Turner&Porter site, the current Tim Horton’s location. They are all on the list.

Look at the building by the same designers that now dominates the corner of Bloor West and Indian Road (East of the Keele TTC station). Is this the look and character you associate with Bloor West Village?

Anti-development + NIMBYism?

Absolutely not. The BWVRA, several other local groups, Councillor Sarah Doucette and City Planning have been pushing for a building that works for this important area. One that simply complies with new zoning (and extended) height guidelines. The developer has instead done an end run to the OMB, hoping to have much more imposed.

Next Steps

We’re raising enough money among small groups near the proposed sites to seed a BWVRA Save Our Village Fund dedicated to responsible development in our neighborhood. We’ll hire an urban planner to appear at the OMB pre-hearing. After that we’ll know how much it will cost to present the full case on the community’s behalf.

That’s when we’ll broaden our request and ask directly for your help. This is a costly and technical process, but there is no alternative: City Council can’t just say “no”. We’ll need you to pitch in what you can.

Find out more

Visit the website called Save Our Village – It has all you need to know about the proposals and the arguments for scaling them back. It will tell you how you can help us to press ahead. Only help from people like you will allow us to succeed. Please look to the near future and consider what is at stake.

Send any questions or comments you have to us at