Summary of the first 2114 Bloor Working Group

Great meeting. Very productive. There were about 8 residents – which had a range of professionals; architect, landscape architect, engineer, real estate agent, transportation expert, teacher. Councillor Doucette was also there.

The next meetings are: October 11 and 17th (each to start at 7 pm).

The local residents provided all of their concerns; height, massing, set-backs, shadow impact on residential area and park, traffic, design, materials. The only thing I had to add was that we were concerned that these two projects were going together and had similar looks. The proponent said they were intentional to have the same look so that “the design provided unity and would inspire more like it”. He actually said this with a straight face.

The greatest element of the meeting was knowing that City staff were very much behind the residents’ concerns. Staff made it very clear that they did not support the application and that it had a long way to go for improvement and acceptance. They have asked that if we have examples of other buildings we like and would like to see elements of those on this site then please bring those examples to the next meeting.