City survey on the new huge garbage bins

There are two of the new bins in BWV — one on the north side of Bloor, east of Jane; and one on the south side of Bloor at Windermere.

Image of new bin

From the Toronto Public Space Committee:

Have you told the City what you think about the Monster Bins? You’ve only got two weeks left to fill out the web survey or the phone survey. If you don’t send in your input, then you can’t complain later….


You can also skip directly to the city survey

1 thought on “City survey on the new huge garbage bins

  1. Another way to get your views about the bins is to called Councillor Saundercook directly. I spoke to him at length a few months ago about the bins and he’s open to having them removed from BWV if enough people call his office and tell him they aren’t welcome.

    Email him here:
    or call him here: 416-338-5165

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