Update on two important developments in the Village

Dear BWVRA Members & Supporters:

An update on two important developments in the Village.

As we reported earlier, two condo buildings are proposed for our stretch of Bloor West Village (1990 Bloor and Parkview Gdns and 2114 Bloor and Kennedy Rd.)

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Public meetings were held a few weeks ago for both at which the developer detailed his plans and the residents were invited to react and ask questions. City Planning staff and Councillor Doucette also attended.

What’s the concern?

The developer is asking for much more height and density than even the latest guidelines allow (link below). Neighbours to both sites made it clear that at 10+ and 12+ stories, they will likely lose daylight, street parking, trees, privacy and enjoyment of their homes.

The BWVRA shares these concerns, but is also looking at the wider impact on the Village, its traffic, its parking, its transit, its livability.

There is no doubt in our minds these proposals represent an important precedent. These buildings are tall, compared to others, and they are not of a design that fits the character of the Village. In short, we believe that, as proposed, they would undermine the character of Bloor West Village. And , they would set an important precedent for the numerous other sites on the avenue that are ripe for re-development.

The BWVRA is not opposing natural growth on principle. On your behalf, we have agreed to participate in a “working group” whose task will be to negotiate changes that deal with the main concerns of those affected by the projects. We have been working closely with the people neighbouring the sites to help them marshal their case for a reduction in the scope of the buildings. We have talked with the Planner and other urban design professionals to make the larger argument for holding the developer to the limits set out in the recent Mid-Rise apartment guidelines.

We urge you to look at the proposals on the North Drive Development websites (see links below) and to forward your comments and concerns to Councillor Doucette, North Drive Developments and the City Planner on the file. Their addresses are below. Please copy us on your correspondence.

Obviously, a broad expression of support for the position outlined above, will lend weight to our argument. Silence will signal consent if not indifference.

Indifference is dangerous. Precedents carry a lot of weight in planning arguments, especially with the development-friendly Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).

We have some weeks to work with. Please take a few minutes to look at the potential impact. Contact us if you have any questions, especially if you have expertise you could contribute to the 3 or 4 working group meetings in September. We can be reached at info@bwvra.ca.

Warm regards for a lovely summer.


Plans for the buildings: http://www.2114bloorstreetwest.com and http://www.1990bloorstreetwest.com

Newly adopted Mid-Rise guidelines http://www.toronto.ca/planning/midrisestudy.htm

Councillor Sarah Doucette councillor_doucette@toronto.ca

Sr. City Planner Philip Carvalino pcarval@toronto.ca

North Drive Developments info@north-drive.com

Resident’s Group near 2114 Bloor West savebloorwest@gmail.com

Bloor West Village Residents Association info@bwvra.ca