3 thoughts on “Villager Article

  1. Hello,
    I am a resident in Bloor West Village and am interested in finding out when your next meeting is and whether or not I am permitted to attend.
    Lara Shcherban

  2. Dear Villager,

    I played baseball for a little league team in High Park. I remember because we won the championship and the villager posted our photo in the paper. Can you please tell me how to find that specific issue?

    It was in the summer of 1977. It was a very special year for me when life was fun and care free.


    Mark Stringer

  3. Hi Mark,

    You’ve reached the Bloor West Village Residents Association, not the Villager. They don’t have a very distinct online presence — I’d suggest picking up a copy somewhere and searching it for their contact info, then calling them directly.

    Good luck with your search!

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