Public Meeting on Annette Bike Lane Debate

This is our last chance to weigh in on the routing of the Annette St. bike lane. As you may recall, there was to be a dedicated bike lane on Annette from Jane to Dundas West. But the route got de-railed in April by a few merchants on the Jane to Runnymede section of Annette.

Councillor Bill Saundercook asked City staff to find a way around that
section of Annette and the answer made many cyclists unhappy.
It eliminated the dedicated lane, replacing it with a signed-only section
along St.John’s Road.

Critics point out this is less safe and runs contrary to the principal that
a place must be made for bicycle traffic in order to encourage more of it.

In answer to criticsm of the first meeting, Councillor Saundercook has
called a second public meeting. Publicity for it again appears to be minimal. Advance notice was one week, at most.

The Councillor has said he supports the re-routing. If you disagree you
will have to help to change his mind by attending the meeting, or at least writing/calling him. City Hall Assistant: 416-392-4073
Constituency office: 416-338-5165 e-mail:

The details of the meeting are below. If you have received a notice about this meeting, please drop us a line saying so:

>>> Annette Bike Lanes Public Meeting
>>> In June 2008 City Council approved bike lanes for the section of
>>> Annette Street between Runnymede Road and Dundas Street West. As your Councillor I would like to discuss the section between Runnymede Road and Jane St. with you the community.
>>> The public meeting will include a presentation on alternatives for
>>> providing bike facilities west of Runnymede Road to Jane Street.
>>> Comments and questions may be submitted directly to staff and will be reviewed and considered. Public meeting is scheduled for:

>>> Monday September 15th, 2008
>>> James Culnan Catholic School
>>> 605 Willard Avenue
>>> 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.