Light Rail line for Village: Public Meeting Aug.28

There is movement on a major transit project being planned by the City and the TTC. It involves the construction of an LRT, or light rail line on Jane St. from Bloor to Steeles.

This project has the potential to radically alter the character and traffic flows of this major artery of the Bloor West Village. The rail line will be dedicated and separate from car traffic. Some details and FAQs can be viewed at

The City has scheduled a public consultation meeting for next week, on Thursday, August 28, 6:30pm to 9:00pm at Syme Woolner Community School Gymnasium, 69 Pritchard Ave (north of Jane and St. Clair intersection, east of Jane). This is an open house format allowing you to view plans and ask questions.

Concern is being expressed about how much would be compressed into the relatively narrow roadway at Jane/Bloor. You are urged to see what is being planned.