Annette bike lanes – better process needed

As part of the road work on Annette this summer, the Toronto Bike Plan calls for the installation of bike lanes on Annette from Jane to Dundas. There was one public meeting held — with a bare minimum of publicity and very short notice — April 17, at which a few of the Annette businesses objected to the bike lane. Following this meeting, Councillor Saundercook directed city staff to find alternatives. Now the proposal calls for bike lanes on Annette only from Runnymede to Dundas, and a less-safe signed bike route (not lane) on St. John’s Road from Runnymede to Jane.

One public meeting at which only one segment of the community was able to have a voice is not sufficient. We support a solution on Annette that will work for all. In order to do so, we need to hear from all.

world19 has posted extensive background, discussion, and links to other coverage of this issue.

The city’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee (PWIC) will consider Councillor Saundercook’s proposal on TuesdayWednesday June 4. We encourage you to have your say at the PWIC meeting.

In order to speak at the June 4th PWIC meeting you need to contact Ros Dyer, Committee Administrator at 416-392-8018. The Committee’s email is for any written comments.

Flickr photo by urbanmkr