Comments received at our November 16 public meeting

At the Nov. 16 meeting, we distributed a flyer asking for feedback on two questions:

What do you see as the key issues facing our community?

How might a residents association best respond to these issues?

Below is a summary of comments we received back. See also the meeting report and the feedback sent by e-mail (links to come)

1. What do you see as the key issues facing our local community?

Planning/Development Considerations/Concerns

  • need for smart, integrated intensification
  • high rise development issues – traffic, density, etc.
  • zoning that will maintain the community
  • Humber theatre development site
  • Bloor St. W as an Avenue under the new Official Plan
  • Bloor St. development, new condo developments
  • lack of coherent plan re design elements

Neighbourhood Character

  • preserving small business quality of BWV
  • encouraging healthy business life along Annette
  • impact of large corporations on small business, ie demise of independent business


  • supports for seniors to stay in their homes
  • licensed infant daycare spots do not exist
  • policing
  • repair and maintain roads, sidewalks and parks


  • condition of local parks
  • preserving green spaces – protecting High Park, etc.
  • grafitti
  • replant black oaks to replace those cut down
  • general maintenance -ways to reduce litter, improve streetscape
  • schools – need money to maintain grounds – rebuild St. Cecelia’s school


  • traffic control – how to pursue with intelligence and efficiency?
  • traffic noise and congestion on main roads (e.g. Runnymede)
  • will Runnymede truck traffic increase with new Walmart?
  • parking

Broad Interests

  • meshing interests of adjacent neighbourhoods, eg. Junction and BWV, etc.
  • taxes – MVA

2. How might a residents association best respond to these issues?

  • as per Sewell’s ideas: provide good, timely information and ways for people to meet, debate and compare ideas and encourage action
  • communications strategies – create website, blog, newsletter, public meetings
  • request report-backs from public representatives – press local reps to represent community interests
  • lobby government
  • provide a clear liaison to City Hall
  • represent community in official processes, e.g. Committee of Adjustment, OMB
  • help sustain a prized neighbourhood – promote creative growth

Several responses indicate uncertainty as to how much or just what an RA can do, but they’re interested in exploring the possibilities.