Village makes (bad) news, again.

The sad sidewalks of Bloor West Village are again making the news. For the second time in recent memory, a blatant tripping hazzard is being featured by the Star. This is an ongoing problem the Business Improvement Association and the City have failed to address for several years.

Well-heeled or not, hole can swallow your foot

Jan 08, 2008
The Toronto Star – Jack Lakey Staff Reporter
A gaping hole in the sidewalk along a heavily trod part of Bloor St.

is big enough to swallow the foot of an unwary pedestrian.
The Bloor West Village area, between Jane St. and Runnymede Rd., is filled with upscale stores and eateries that draw a well-heeled crowd, ensuring the sidewalks are always bustling with shoppers.
On the north side of Bloor, just east of Beresford Ave., a large hole was dug in the sidewalk last fall to facilitate below-ground utility work, but the workers left without filling it in.
Somebody tossed a small piece of plywood over the hole, but the plywood has since collapsed.
A traffic pylon was later placed atop the plywood, which serves as a warning to pedestrians to step around it, but it isn’t big enough to cover the hole.
Judy Bennett called to say she watched a woman carrying a baby trip and nearly fall into the hole on Dec. 30.
We checked it out yesterday and figured that even with the pylon over the hole, it is big enough to step into, particularly if the sidewalk was snow-covered, which would obscure the edges.

STATUS: Sam Di Tomaso, who’s in charge of road operations in that area, said the hole was dug by Enbridge and should have been filled by the natural gas utility.
A city crew will be sent right away to “make the hole safe,” for now, he said, adding Enbridge will be asked to properly finish the job.

WHO’S GETTING IT FIXED: Sam Di Tomaso, area manager of road operations; 416-394-8345;

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  1. I heard recently that the City wants to repair the BWV sidewalks but that the ongoing utility work needs to be completed first. Personally, I would rather see the City wait until utility companies finish their work and the job be done properly, rather than beautiful new sidewalks installed only to be torn up in patches from ongoing Enbridge work.

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