World19 public forum: How do we build a great city? How do we pay for it?

Forwarded from world19 —

A very brief reminder about world19’s public forum this Wednesday.

We hope everyone interested in our city will come out.

“How do we build a great city? How do we pay for it?”

The evening will begin with a panel discussion featuring three experienced and expert city watchers, and will be followed by audience questions and comments to the panel. Our panelists:

Matthew Blackett
Publisher & Creative Director, Spacing magazine &

David Michael Lamb
City Politics Reporter, CBC Radio News

Neil Thomlinson
Chair, Politics and Public Administration, Ryerson University

When: Wednesday, Oct. 17, 7:30 pm
Where: Swansea Town Hall, 95 Lavinia Avenue
(Between Windermere & Durie, 3 blocks south of Bloor. For map and directions, see:

We hope the forum will provide a good opportunity to raise issues and questions about Toronto, and an opportunity for the community to listen and speak.

Both Councillor Saundercook and Mayor Miller have been invited. We understand the Mayor will attend our forum, arriving later in the evening.