BWVRA Bylaws

Bylaws of the Bloor West Residents Association as adopted January 3, 2014

The name of the Association shall be the Bloor West Village Residents’ Association (BWVRA).

Official Boundaries
The boundaries of the Association shall be from the east side of Jane Street to the west side of Quebec Avenue. Then, from the north side of Bloor Street to the south side of Annette Street within the City of Toronto.

Mission Statement
The Bloor West Village Residents’ Association (BWVRA) is a non-profit corporation created to accomplish the goals of the Association. The mission of the BWVRA is to foster a well-balanced and livable community and to support and encourage participation of all residents in setting and meeting these goals.


  • to engage residents, businesses and other interested members of the community in issues specific to Bloor West Village and special concerns that may affect neighbouring areas, or all of Toronto
  • to provide a liaison with and seek support from all levels of government (municipal, provincial and federal) on issues that concern our community
  • to promote a safe and healthy neighbourhood environment
  • to promote the maintenance of the quality of life that reflects the unique character of the local community
  • to participate, through the most effective means, in the planning of new development as well as redevelopment opportunities that reflect the values of the local community
  • to be proactive by keeping well informed and by sharing information with all residents, businesses and other interested members of the community

1. Definition of Membership

a. All residents who live within the boundaries as defined in the “Official Boundaries” section are eligible to be members of the BWVRA.

b. To be a member in good standing, a member must have paid the membership fee for the year as defined in 4(e).

c. All members in good standing have the right to vote at all general or special meetings.

d. All members in good standing have the right to stand for a position of office, including director or officer.

e. The membership year shall be defined as one of the following simultaneous periods:
April 1-March 31st
October 1 –September 30th

f. Individuals living outside of the boundaries of BWVRA will be allowed to participate in certain events and receive newsletters and notices on the happenings of the BWVRA, but shall be considered “non-voting” members of the Association.

2. Fees

a. The membership fee shall be determined annually at the annual general meeting or as a motion put forward at a special meeting.

3. Executive

a. The executive shall consist of the elected directors in conjunction with the officers of the organization.

b. The Executive shall appoint the officers of the Association, except the positions of President and Secretary, which will be appointed solely by the directors.

c. A quorum for executive meetings shall be sixty-six percent (66%) of the directors and officers of the Association.

d. Meetings of the Executive shall be at the call of the President or his/her designate

e. Notice of the executive meetings shall be given to directors and officers at least seven (7) days prior to the date of the meeting.

f. The Executive shall meet at least a minimum of six (6) times per year. The Secretary shall record the minutes of the executive meetings.

g. Committees shall be convened at the discretion of the Executive.

4. Directors

a. At the Annual General Meeting, a minimum of five (5) directors shall be elected by the members comprising the BWVRA, unless the by-laws provide otherwise.

b. Directors must be members of the Association or must become members of the Association within ten (10) days of being elected.

c. Directors must be eighteen (18) years or older

d. The Directors shall elect a Chair

e. The Directors shall appoint the President and the Secretary of the association.

f. Directors will meet a minimum of four (4) times a year. The Secretary shall record the minutes of the Directors’ meetings.

g. Meetings of the Directors shall be at the call of the Chair of the Directors or his/her designate

h. A simple majority of directors’ votes will carry any motions put forward at directors’ meetings

5. Officers

a. The Officers shall fulfill the following roles: President, Vice-President, Communications Officer, Membership Officer, Treasurer, and Secretary. Additional Officers may be named as required.

b. Should an officer position become available, the Executive may fill the position at its discretion

c. Officer roles include:

  • President: Provides leadership within the Association, calls and chairs meetings, functions as Association contact for external organizations; authorizes financial transactions in concert with the Treasurer and/or one other Table Officer.
  • Vice-President: Assists chair with leadership role.
  • Communications Officer; Oversees internal and external communication for the Association.
  • Secretary: Takes minutes of meetings and co-ordinates posting to Website, prepares summaries of year-end activities and maintains the records of the association
  • Membership: Maintains the list of members; leads recruitment of new members.
  • Treasurer: Manages the finances of the association.

6. General, Special and Annual General Meetings

a. The Annual General Meeting shall be held within fifteen (15) months of the previous annual general meeting, on a date set by the Executive. At this meeting, each officer shall present an annual report.

b. Special meetings of the general membership can be called by the Executive or at the request of ten percent (10%) of the members in good standing. A request for a Special Meeting must clearly state the reason for the meeting and the agenda of the meeting will be restricted to that issue.

c. Notice for all meetings shall be given in a timely fashion. Where possible, email will be used to give notice of meetings. Where email is not available, written notice in local newspapers and on the association website will be deemed as sufficient notice and will be provided no less than three (3) days prior to the meeting.

d. 15 percent (15%) of the membership shall constitute a quorum of general, special and annual general meetings.

e. There shall be no proxy voting.

7. Records

a. All minutes and records of the Association shall be maintained by the appointed Secretary.

b. Minutes of BWVRA Executive meetings will be posted to the BWVRA website. Any member of the BWVRA, upon written request to the Secretary, who wishes to view the minutes of a particular meeting or the financial records of the Association, shall be entitled to do so.

c. The following records and documents must be kept and held by the Secretary;

(i) Copy of the Letters Patent
(ii) Copy of all the by-laws and special resolution of the association
(iii) Register of current members arranged alphabetically and those persons who have been members within the previous 10 years
(iv) The name and address of each member/person
(v) Register of Directors showing names, addresses, dates of election and resignation

d. The Treasurer will maintain proper books of account and accounting records of financial transactions.

8. Amendments of Bylaws

a. The Directors may make, amend or repeal any by-law that governs the actions of the BWVRA and such amendments will become valid immediately.

b. The Directors will submit their by-law amendments to the members at the annual general meeting of the Association for approval of the general membership or at a special meeting called specifically to gain approval. If the amendments are not approved by the membership, then the amendments cease to have any force.

c. Any voting member of the BWVRA can propose an amendment to a by-law to be voted on at the annual general member meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose. Thirty (30) days notice of the proposed amendments must be given to the members prior to such meeting.

9. Financial Dealings of the BWVRA

A financial account shall be held at a registered financial institution in the Bloor West Village. The withdrawal of funds from this account shall require the simultaneous authority of two designated Officers.

10. Contracts

Any contract or other obligation entered into by the BWVRA must be signed by two (2) of the directors

11. Borrowing Of Monies

The BWVRA may not borrow monies under any circumstances.